How Do I Sell More Books?

(Revised 10/31/2014)

Authors invest a lot of time and money on writing, producing and promoting their books. If the sales don’t match their expectations-or at least match the amount of money they put into the publication-their enthusiasm about the publication gradually turns into frustration.

I recommend the following three options to help you increase your book sales:

  1. Boost your book marketing IQ by learning from some of the best book marketing minds in the industry: 
    • Subscribe to Brian Jud’s “Marketing Matters Newsletter”-This marketing expert has decades of marketing experience and he shares them all in this free bi-weekly newsletter. As if that wasn’t enough, the newsletter also features tips from bestselling authors/book marketing experts including Dan Poynter, John Kremer and many others. Click here to subscribe to this newsletter and/or view sample content.
    • Participate in the Association of Publishers for Special Sales webinarsBook marketing expert Brian Jud’s Association of Publishers for Special Sales offers free webinars each month. You can participate  by visiting a website or calling into a special number from your phone. I highly recommend signing up with their site to receive regular updates on upcoming events and webinars.  I also recommend making the investment to become a member of this association or attend their annual conference. Click here to learn more about APSS (formerly SPANnet).
    • Subscribe to The Independent Publisher Magazine-Mick Rooney is a self-published author who has been helping authors since 2007. Visit the site for service provider reviews and insight on how the latest industry trends will impact you as an independent author. Click here to start reading now.
    • Join the CreateSpace community and read their blog- Amazon’s CreateSpace is probably the most popular self-publishing platform. Whether or not you choose to publish with their platform, I highly recommend joining their free online community so that you can collect regular updates on their book marketing blogs. As a bonus, they also have a discussion forum with several experienced self-published authors offering their tried-and-proven tips. Click here to browse their resources.
    • Read books by bestselling authors that offer tips on how to become a bestselling author-A good place to start is with my list of must read books for authors.
  2. If you don’t already have a marketing plan, use this Quick Start Marketing Guide to help take your first steps towards building a comprehensive marketing plan. This is especially helpful for people who do not have enough hours in a day or money in their budget to market their work to absolutely everyone everywhere. This guide is designed to help you find the people who are most interested in your work. Once you finish the guide you will be redirected to additional information that will help you transform that quick start guide into a comprehensive marketing plan. Click here to begin writing your marketing plan now.
  3. Build a platform that helps you develop lasting relationships with customers, potential customers, and business partners. In his book “Platform: Get Noticed In a Noisy World,” former Thomas Nelson CEO, Micael Hyatt,  explains that having a great product-or book- is not enough to be successful. You need to have a platform. Platforms are built by using a custom combination of tools-often virtual Internet tools-to communicate regularly and consistently with the people who need your book and those who love to promote your book because of how it has helped them. Click here to learn more about building your platform.

There is no magic formula that can guarantee more sales. But if you are series about boosting your book sales, the steps above will take you in the right direction because it emphasizes learning more about book marketing strategies from successful others and adapting that information to match your needs.


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  • Bonus Tip #3: If you are interested in partnering with a POD book distributor who uses their connections to promote your book to bookstores in your local area and around the nation in exchange for only $1.25/book that she sells, I recommend that you contact Amy Collins’ company New Shelves at

Question: Who are some of you favorite book marketing tip providers on the Web? 

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