What Is A Book Proposal?

When a query letter is successful, the literary agent may request a full book proposal. In other cases, the literary agent may request that the query letter and book proposal be submitted together.

A book proposal is a report that includes:

  •  A summary of your book’s message,
  • its target audience,
  • information on how the book compares to its market competition,
  • any relevant background information that would build your credibility as a writer and/or on the book topic,
  • how you plan to leverage your platform to market the book, and
  • your ideas for promoting the book to the general public.

Authors of fiction work usually include a complete listing of chapters with a brief description of each chapter’s contents. The better proposals include sample chapters, if not the completed manuscript.

Authors of fiction work usually include their complete manuscript.

If you are interested in having help, Scribendi.com’s Query Package includes the query letter, the summary and outline. WritersRelief.com can help by reviewing and submitting your information to literary agents who are most likely to represent your book.

Before submitting your book proposal, research the literary agent’s submission preferences and revise accordingly.

Notice that the book proposal requests information about your platform. Why do you think that literary agents and traditional publishers are interested in working with authors who already have a platform?

Danielle Fetherson

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