What Is A Literary Agent and Where Do I Find One?

A literary agent not only helps you pitch your book to publishing companies, but they serve as an advocate throughout your entire publishing process. Even after your book is published and sold in stores, your literary agent is still there by your side.

They will help you:


  • find the writing coaches and resources that will help you polish your writing skills,
  • they can connect you with public speaking coaches to help you feel more comfortable talking about your book,
  • find media coaches to prepare you for TV, radio and even online interviews,
  • help you negotiate your rights contracts,
  • put you in touch with the best lawyers who specialize in intellectual property,
  • and much more!

It is recommended that you research the literary agent’s submission requirements for query letters and book proposals and proceed accordingly.

How do I find a literary agent?
It’s best to work with a literary agent who is affiliated with the Association of Authors’ Representatives because they are bound by a code of ethics and have access to ongoing training. You can find a literary agent by visiting their website at www.aaronline.org. Services like WritersRelief.com can also help you connect with a literary agent.

Do you think it matters whether or not you like the personality of your literary agent? (Or if your agent likes your personality?)

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