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You do not need to limit your book to the confines of a page, you can audio record your book and allow the spoken version of your message to reach your audience. If you have never listened to an audiobook, I highly recommend that you borrow one from your local library or browse the free selection at to get a quick introduction. But if you are curious about self-publishing an audiobook of your own, Amazon’s ACX is great place to start.

What is ACX?

ACX is an Amazon-owned digital audio publishing platform that allows authors to produce and distribute professional quality audiobooks for sale on Audible-one of the largest audiobook distribution companies in the world- Apple’s iTunes, and on

ACX can be used to create much more than audiobooks-it can also produce digital audio versions of newspapers, magazines, original programming, TV and radio subscriptions. However, this post will highlight the audiobook publishing opportunities.

Why Should You Care About ACX?

  1. Using ACX, you can either 1) use their tips and tutorials to narrate and record an audiobook on your own to sell on Audible, Apple’s iTunes and Amazon or 2) hire a professional narrator and audio producer to record your audiobook for sale on Audible, Apple’s iTunes and Amazon.
  2. Producing an audiobook can be a cheaper alternative to print book publishing,
  3. Audiobooks are a great way to reach out to busy audiences who are not likely to read large volumes of text, and a great way to reach older audiences who may have difficulty reading.
  4. Releasing an audiobook is a great way to re-launch an older book that you have already published.
  5. Amazon’s new program “Whispersync” encourages readers who buy your Kindle e-book to also buy your audiobook so that they can switch between reading your book and listening to it on their Kindle device. This is a great way to multiply your sales while making your work more accessible to readers and increases the chances that your readers will actually finish your book.

What’s the Catch?

I highly recommend that you become familiar with the ACX Conditions of Use before you begin. This is usually my advice before using any service, so I don’t want to scare you away. But it is very wise to become familiar with these terms long before any issue arises.

More importantly, if you decide to hire a professional to record your audiobook, I recommend that you carefully review the terms of that agreement. You can choose to pay them up front or share royalties with them from the sale of your audiobook to decrease up-front costs.

Want to Learn More? 

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Question: What impact do you think an audiobook could have on your book sales? 

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