Top 3 Myths that Stop Us from Becoming Authors

Merriam-Webster defines a myth as “a popular belief or tradition that has grown up around something or someone.” There are several myths that have grown up around book writing, but right now I’m only focusing on the top three.

The common thread among these myths is the focus on what the aspiring author is lacking instead of on what it really should be on: what the author has to offer and whether there are audiences who value it.

Myth #1: I’m not a good enough writer to write a book.

There is an industry full of editors and even DIY writing resources that can help you polish your message once you get it on paper. If you wait until you are an amazing writer to write your book…well, that is not a real option because writers can only become amazing after writing consistently and frequently. 

Instead of analyzing the quality of your writing, put your focus on analyzing the quality of your message and it’s ability to captivate an audience. I once heard bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki tell an audience of authors and aspiring authors that his books are bestselling books because of his marketing strategy, not because of the quality of his writing. He even joked about how horrible is writing is and how much he appreciates his editors.

I guarantee you that the hundreds of thousands of Kiyosaki readers who have used his message to earn their financial freedom could not care less about whether he knows the difference between a noun and a verb. As long as you are filling a need, your readers will not care about how much you know about English or writing either.

Myth #2: I don’t have enough time to write a book.

Books are written one word at a time. Even if it takes you a year or longer to write your book because you only dedicate one hour a week to writing, you will eventually finish your book.

And if you think that sounds like a long time to write a book, think about how much longer it will take for you to spend years talking about writing without committing a single word to paper.

But if you are truly motivated to write within a short amount of time, I have identified seven different ways you can write your rough draft. A few of the options don’t even require you to write a single word, but they will require you to pay money to the person or service you hire to help you reach your goal.

Myth #3: I don’t have enough money to publish a book.

If you are willing to invest enough time, you will not need nearly as much money as you think to publish a book.

It does not cost anything to write a manuscript on your computer, find a literary agent and to allow that literary agent to help you sell your manuscript to a publishing company, but it will take some time for you to learn about the process and follow the steps.

This blog offers several tips on how to self-publish your print book, e-book or audiobook on your own for $100 or less if you are motivated enough to learn about the tools you need and learn to use them effectively.

And if you want to self-publish but you don’t want to learn how to hire professional editors, design your book interior, design the front and back book cover, print and distribute your book on your own, this blog also offers tips on how you can hire an author’s assistant to manage your freelancers or even hire a self-publishing company that matches your budget and your quality requirements.

Final Thoughts

It’s very easy to find reasons not to do something new and outside your comfort zone-even if it is something that you really want to do. But the sooner you shift your focus to why you are doing it, the sooner you will be able to knock out the fears that are stopping you from reaching your goal.

When it comes to being a published author, the thing that matters most is having a message that people want to read. When your reason to become an author embraces what matters most, these myths and any other fears in your path have no chance of surviving.

When you are ready to lay the myths to rest that are stopping you from publishing your book, book your no cost, no obligation consultation with me so I can help you find your next steps. If you are ready to take your first steps towards writing and publishing your book right now, claim your free copy of the “Quick Start Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Book.”


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