5 Clues that It’s Finally Time to Finish Your Book

There is something about book writing and publishing that tends to discourage aspiring authors from working with a sense of urgency. Book writing is one of those things that many authors tend to start and stop based on their leisure.

There is nothing wrong with this tendency if you are not interested in ever completing the book and sharing it with others. But if any of these five clues apply to you, it is time to finally finish your book.

Clue #1: You consistently receive requests for the type of information that is in your book but you cannot find an alternative resource to recommend that is good enough.

When I say “good enough,” really I mean that you are struggling to find a resource that speaks to the specific situation at hand. For example, there are a lot of books that focus on retirement planning, but you may struggle to find a book that talks about how to protect and maximize your business and real estate assets in retirement because most retirement resources focus on paper investments in stocks and other bank related tools.

If people keep asking you for the type of information you would like to put into your book, and you can’t find an existing resource that could help fill that void, it might be time for you to write your book.

Clue #2: Your book’s subject-matter is gaining attention in local and/or national media headlines.

To continue the example about retirement planning for business and investment real estate owners, if you notice a lot of news headlines about retirement planning, real estate investing or business owners fearing retirement, then you know that your book will touch on some current hot topics.

If your book was already published, you could take advantage of the media attention on your topic to promote your book as a solution. But even if your book is not published, you can look for opportunities to share your message through the media and collect contact information for people who are interested in learning more about you and your message. When you finally finish your book, these will be the first people you offer your book to.

If your topic is important enough to attract so much media attention, then it is important enough for you to write and publish so you can get it into the hands of the people who need it the most.

Clue #3: You usually enjoy spending your free time researching your book’s subject-matter, but now you are getting tired of it because you have noticed that everything you read repeats something you read before.

This means that you have reached your saturation point for research and that you have probably read all the main points of view for your topic. Now that you have a handle on all the existing big ideas, it is time to write and add your point of view to the ongoing conversation for your subject-matter.

Clue #4: You have so much research and so many notes for your book in your home or on your computer that soon you will need to get rid of it so you can continue to work normally.

If this clue applies to you, you will know exactly what I am talking about. If you have a corner of your house that you can no longer access to vacuum, sweep or dust because it is laminated with piles of books, post-its, notebooks or napkins with your book notes-it is time to write your book.

If your computer is running much slower than it used to because you have so many saved articles and pieces of a manuscript on your computer, it is time to write your book.

Clue #5: You have talked so much about your book that everyone you know is tired of hearing about it because it isn’t written or published yet.

I think this clue says it all.

Final Thoughts

If any of these clues apply to you, chances are that you knew looong before you read this article that it is finally time to write your book.

So let me leave you with this question: What needs to change in your life to allow you to finally focus your attention on your book?

If you are struggling with answering this question-or you know the answer and you know you will need help dealing with it-take advantage of a no-cost no-obligation consultation with me so I can help you get back on your publishing journey.

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Danielle Fetherson

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