3 Things You Can Do While Your Editor Works on Your Manuscript

One of the best things about having an editor review your work is that you have a well-deserved break from writing. However, having a break from writing is not the same thing as having nothing to do.

The following three things will help you use this writing break strategically so that your publication and book promotion processes easier.

1. Ask for book endorsements.

“It’s better to assume that someone will give you an endorsement rather than assume that they won’t and never know for sure.”

-Larry James of The Authors & Speakers Network

Endorsements can help you stand out from your competition and make potential readers much more comfortable with you. They may take time to collect, but it will be well worth it!

They are very helpful for helping to answer the question that will be on the mind of everyone who hears about your book, “Why should I trust this author?”

You can start by asking the people around you. Then leverage each new endorsement to help you get another one. Don’t be afraid to approach the major media outlets and big name celebrities.

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2. Build or Prepare for Your Book Launch Strategy

Book marketing professional Brian Judd-who helps everyone from large publishing companies to DIY self-publishers sell books-recommends that you allow at least six-months before your book publishing date so you can have a book launch.

All authors don’t follow this advice, but it is still worth thinking about before you finish your book writing process and begin the book publishing process. Even if you plan to partner with a traditional publishing company, it would still be wise to plan a book launch of your own. At the end of the day, no one will promote your book with more enthusiasm and over the long-term like you will.

For more details on planning your book launch, I recommend reading this resource-rich blog post:

3. Start Building Your Book Platform or Update Your Platform Materials with Information about Your Book

Beautiful ads, scores of talk show interviews and book tours are great for promoting your message during your book launch. But the key to consistent sales over time is building a community of people love your message so much that they are willing to promote it for you.

This is what a platform can offer you. And the sooner you begin working on yours, the better.

For more details on building a platform-if you don’t already have one-please visit the following resource-rich blogs:


The difference between a published book and a published book that sells usually has something to do with the author’s willingness to learn about book marketing, the quality of their book marketing strategy, and the amount of time the author is willing to dedicate to book promotions.

With all of that work ahead, it is wise to maximize the time your manuscript spends with your editor.

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