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One of my authors recruited an intern to give us an extra set of hands while working on his book. Not only did she help with copyediting and proofreading, she also formatted his book using a Book Design Templates for Microsoft Word by seasoned book designer Joel Friedlander.

Keep reading to learn about her experience with using the template from the award-winning book designer, to get a description of the types of templates they offer, and to learn why they are the only templates I recommend.

A First-Time User’s Experience with Book Design Templates

The following is written by Briana Ulrich:

Once you choose from one of the [twenty-four] different templates with names you’re able to take a deeper look at the specific template and then download it onto your computer, after purchasing the license of course, which can come in single-book, multi-book, or commercial form.

After you’ve successfully chosen which one best fits your masterpiece’s need, you’re able to download the template file which comes equipped with everything you’ll need, including a folder that holds the different fonts required for the specific template, and a link to the online formatting guide for the newcomers who need a little help along the way.

It’ll be the place to go in case of emergency; for instance, if you have no idea how to add a drop cap, or once you do find out, how to change it from that mammoth and size to something a little more normal looking.

And when you get to the point when you’re ready to insert your manuscript into the template, it’s as easy as copy and pasting sections of it into a new Microsoft Word document.

BDT makes it easy for users by utilizing a program that many people are already familiar with, rather than introducing a complicated new formatting program that may take weeks to master. Most of the work comes with changing font styles and size, adding extra spacing and odd pages (to ensure your chapters start on the correct side of the page), and for print copies- making sure your piece is free of any hyphenated words, which can be tedious for some.

But once you’ve finished, and have re-checked your work a hundred times to make sure everything looks perfect, you have a document that’s professional and ready for publication.

 More About the Templates

As Briana mentioned, there are several templates to choose from.

Click on the image below to see an enlarged sample of the template designs.

2Way Templates

  • There are five 2Way Templates that allow you to format your book for print and e-readers at the same time.  This means you format the book once and you instantly have access to a version that you can send directly to your book printer or Print-on-Demand distributor, and another you can send to your e-book distributors. Two of the 2Way Templates are custom designed for picture books.
  • There is a Cover Template for Print that allows you to design a cover that will be accepted by CreateSpace, Ingram Spark or the printer of your choice.
  • There are six Premium Templates for Fiction, Memoirs and Narrative Non-Fiction books.
  • There are three Premium Templates for Non-Fiction, Reference and Technical books.
  • There are six Templates for Children’s Books.
  • There are also three Media Kit, Book Proposal and Specialty Templates.

Final Thoughts

Although there are PODs that offer templates to authors, the catch is that the book formatted with their template can only be used with that POD company. And those POD companies-like Blurb-tend to take a higher percentage of book sales than others-like CreateSpace.

There are printing companies that may offer templates as well, but they do not offer nearly as much help with choosing fonts or designing the way the pages look.

Joel Friedlander’s Book Design Templates are the best ones I have seen up to this point, and I am impressed with the way it looks in print. It also doesn’t hurt that a single book license is starts at $37. And if you have problems, you can pay for help from their design team. If you find a template you like but don’t want to design it yourself, you can pay their team to design it for you within a matter of days.

That’s why they are the only book design template company I endorse and partner with as an affiliate. If you follow the link below to their website and buy something, I will receive a financial reward for sending you. But know that I only endorse them because they are tried-and-proven by me and my authors to be the best.

Click here to visit Book Design Templates.

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