Clever Way to Sell e-Books in Person

Accountant and author Carol Topp found a way to sell her e-books offline using Dropcards. The cards have a code on the back (think of the gift cards you see in stores that have unique codes) and when the user visits the website on the back they can insert the code and receive the download.

You don’t even need to have a website to use the cards, they can manage the online transaction for you and send you the buyer’s contact information.

Dropcards can be bought and shipped to any place in the world. As long as your buyer as Internet access, they will be able to download your book.

Authors have the choice of collecting email and other information at that time (something you cannot do through most e-book distributors) and can set limits on number of downloads. For more information on how this works, visit their website:

Click here to learn more about how Carol used it to promote her e-book.

Final Thought

This post is not a product endorsement, and I do not receive any incentive for sharing this information other than helping you find ways to connect your message with more people.

Happy book selling!

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