Is Your Published Book Worthy of an Award?

Book awards are great ways to get feedback from the writing community, compete for prizes that can help you promote your book, and earn an award you can feature on an updated book cover and in a new media press release.

So no matter how you look at it, submitting your book for an award is a worthwhile investment. Use the following links to help you find the best book award for your book.

Book Awards Specifically for Self-Published Books

Joel Friedlander’s website maintains list of over a dozen book awards for you to consider.

All Book Awards

  • The book-focused social networking site tracks nearly every major book award in existence. Their list features books that have won these awards, but when you click on the name of each award, you can learn more about the award criteria and the company behind them. Often there are also links to the award website.
  • It is not always easy to have your book included in a library collection, but if you win one of the awards offered by the American Library Association, you are almost guaranteed to be included. Even being listed as a finalist will go a long way towards building your credibility.
  • This Wikipedia list of literary awards may be the most comprehensive list I have seen.

Final Thoughts

You put a lot of time and effort into writing and publishing a quality book. No one appreciates that like the award judges. Use your award competitions as an opportunity to get feedback from your peers. You can also use honorable mentions and wins as media and promotional tools for your book that help build your credibility.

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Danielle Fetherson

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