The Highest Rated Self-Publishing Companies of 2014

Every two to three months The Independent Publishing Magazine updates their rating of self-publishing companies in what they call the “Publishing Service Index.” The Index includes over 80 companies that offer everything from automated DIY publishing tools to full service book editing, design, printing and distribution services.

October 2014 was the most recent publication of this Index, and although the top 10 self-publishing companies have traded places throughout the year they have consistently topped the list.

The Publishing Service Index Top 10 as of September 2014

(When you click on the name of each company you will find an in-depth review of their services by Mick Rooney, the editor of The Independent Publishing Magazine.)

  1. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  2. CreateSpace [Danielle’s Take on CreateSpace]
  3. IngramSpark [Danielle’s Take on IngramSpark]
  4. Lightning Source (Direct) [Lightning Source vs. IngramSpark]
  5. Smashwords
  6. Matador
  7. Hillcrest Media/Mill City Press
  8. Lulu  
  9. SilverWood Books
  10. Blurb
Review the Entire Index

Click here to browse the entire list of 80 plus companies.

Final Thoughts

Every self-publisher does not need a self-publishing company to help them in reaching their goals, but if you do want to partner with a self-publishing company you can start by looking at the businesses of the list.


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