Tips for Authors Who Want to Plan a Library Tour

Libraries are great places for authors to host events for a book-loving public. They are available in every American city, they already have a group of book-loving people who visit regularly, you can usually host an event there for free, and making connections with the staff at your local library will make it easier to learn more about selling your book to them and other libraries.

The American Library Association has a division that is dedicated towards helping authors connect with each other and their local libraries.

Their website features eight tips for effectively contracting libraries for your book-related events.

The tips include links to helpful resources like a tool that will help

Authors and libraries are natural allies.

you find your local libraries and an invitation to join a listserv for authors, librarians and others to share ideas for how they can collaborate. If you are not familiar with a listserv, think of it as a large group email system that emails you updates when other listserv members post information and allows you to submit information that will be included in the listserv.

You will not be allowed to use the listserv to promote your book, but you can submit questions and ideas to the listserv for other members to respond to, and getting feedback from authors and librarians can be a very valuable asset that is worth looking into. Who knows, you may find an author with a complimentary topic to partner with for an event to make it more interesting to the hosting library and the public that you want to attract.

Click here to visit Authors for Libraries and learn how to connect with libraries to begin promoting your book.

Danielle Fetherson

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