Promote Your Book on Your Business Website with My Book Table Plugin

My book table is a WordPress plugin by Author Media that allows authors to easily promote their book on their website and direct buyers to online sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble so that you can collect your sales revenue and an affiliate fee or you can integrate it with PayPal to process the payments on your own.

If your book is related to your business, you may want to use this WordPress plugin to promote your book on your business website. You would not need this for your book or author website because your site will already have information on how visitors can buy your book.

This is a practical alternative to keeping hundreds of books in your garage and fulfilling each online order on your own. The opportunity to earn an affiliate fee from each sale is also helpful because sites like Amazon allow others to sell used versions of your book, and the only way an author receives money on used book sales is through affiliate programs like Amazon’s and Barnes & Noble’s.

If you prefer to sell books on your own, or you don’t mind offering autographed copies at a premium price, you can also offer a PayPal payment button.

Here is a list of key features worth mentioning:

  • Create amazing sales pages for each of your books,
  • Integrate your social media accounts,
  • Add a unique buy button for your favorite stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace and Smashwords,
  • Feature your books in the sidebar or footer of your WordPress website and when visitors click on it they’ll see your amazing sale pages,
  • Advanced SEO to help Google and other search engines find your book sales pages,
  • Feature reviews of your book from GoodReads-the largest social network for readers,
  • Video tutorials to help you learn to use the plugin quickly,
  • Integrates with all the major WordPress themes except Thesis,
  • Responsive plugin looks great on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones,
  • The premium version even allows you to feature your reviews from on your sales pages.

Learn more about the feature-rich plugin here.

I do not receive any compensation if you choose to buy this plugin, and I do not offer any guarantees about the product. I’m simply sharing this information because I think the plugin is valuable and that more authors should know about.

If you choose to try it out, leave a comment below to let us know your experience with it.

Danielle Fetherson

Danielle helps aspiring authors become published authors. She believes that everyone has at least one book on the inside of them that can make a positive impact on someone else's life. If you have been thinking about writing a book, learn how to start your book today with the free resources at