Is an Online Book Release Party Right for You?

An author in one of my LinkedIn groups recently did an online book release party using Facebook and Google +.

She dedicated three hours to posting messages related to her book, and she got a lot of interaction with users and a few sales. Her creative idea inspired me to think of a few other ways to execute an online book release party.

Online Book Release Idea #1

Reach out to non-profits and business professionals that already have a large following of the types of readers who will be the most interested in your book and offer to teach something of value to their mailing list members via a webinar in exchange for the opportunity to promote your book. You may even consider providing the promotional language they can use in their announcements about the program and offer a percentage of any direct sales to the non-profit or business owner, or at least offer a special discount to their mailing list members when they make a purchase within 48 hours of the event. As an incentive to join the webinar, maybe you can offer to give away one free copy while offering a discount to everyone else so that everyone who participates “wins” something. can be a great tool for hosting the webinar and you can use a CreateSpace discount code to allow participants to buy the book at the discount price of your choice.

Online Book Release Idea #2

Find a TV show or two that you think your target readers are likely to watch and make comments on the show’s fan pages leaving messages and choosing a username that mentions your book or at least gives your full name so those who are interested can look you up and learn more about you and your message.

Online Book Release Idea #3

Reach out to different colleges that offer courses related to your book topic and offer to do a free webinar for their students on a topic that connects your book’s message to the course content. When you reach out it may be wise to insert a complimentary PDF copy of your text. Innovative instructors and professors are always looking for creative ways to connect with their students. You may fill that need for them.

Online Book Release Idea #4

Do the same thing I mentioned in #3 but reach out to MeetUp group organizers. You will be amazed by the variety of group interests you will find there, and I’m sure that there are at least a dozen groups who focus on a topic like yours.

Online Book Release Idea #5

Do a blog tour. I am a fan of how’s team helps authors book interviews with bloggers who have large mailing lists filled with avid readers who may be interested in reading (and buying) your book after they hear one of their favorite bloggers interview you or at least review your book. Some of the bloggers they partner with have their blogs syndicated on major newspaper websites like the Washington Post.

It would be a great benefit to be able to say that your work was reviewed by a reputable newspaper like the Washington Post.

An alternative to hiring someone to do a book tour for you is to book a blog tour of your own. The more websites there are talking about you and your message, the more search engines will connect people who research your topic to the articles about you and your books. It’s also cheaper than booking a traditional radio or television talk show tour.

D’vorah Lansky has a lot articles and even courses about booking your own blog tour on her website

Final Thoughts

Your book promotion possibilities are only limited by your creativity, what you are willing to do, and which methods are most likely to actually connect you with your target audience. Oh, and your available budget may play a role too.

Let these online promotion ideas inspire you to find a method-or even a combination of methods-that work best for you.

Danielle Fetherson

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