Geek Squad: The Unexpected Author Ally

I will never forget being in the middle of editing the last pages of a manuscript after a five-hour plus writing session only to have my computer immediately and mysteriously log itself out and shut down. I tried to stay calm while I hit the power button over and over again in vain while trying to turn the computer back on. Fortunately for me, and authors like you, this is where Geek Squad comes to the rescue.

I am not an affiliate of Geek Squad and I do not receive any benefits by sharing my opinion of their service. In fact, I was probably one of their biggest skeptics when I first learned about their services. Over a year ago I hired a different IT support company-which shall stay nameless-and…I’m no longer with them, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

In spite of being burned by an IT support company in the past, I decided that Geek Squad was worth a test drive because:

  • My $200 annual fee covers not only my work laptop, but also two other devices. I chose to cover the family desktop and a desktop that my parents own because when they have computer trouble they ask me or my husband questions that we have no clue about. I thought it would be nice to give them a 1-800 number they could redirect the technical questions to.
  • My family and I can get support over the phone, through remote online access via Internet where I can grant them access to my computer and they can fix it while I watch them move the mouse around on my screen revealing parts of my computer I’ve never explored, or they can work on it in-person at any Geek Squad site in a local Best Buy store
  • The service comes with anti-virus software protection,
  • Even if I get a virus their technicians will remove it,
  • They can help me with almost anything from installing new software to troubleshooting weird Internet browser behavior,
  • They offer regular maintenance work on my computer to keep my computers working quickly and efficiently, and
  • Each person I came into contact with-whether in-store or online-was knowledgeable and professional. A few were even friendly.

The reason I’ve decided to stay with them is because my work laptop was once so slow that I would turn it on at 8:30 am and by 2 pm it was still trying to turn on, and when it did turn on it was prone to shutting down like I described earlier.

Geek Squad told me that I was having hard drive failure and gave me the option to replace the hard drive or replace the entire laptop. I chose the band-aid fix and invested another $50 into a new hard drive while I prayed that the technician would be able to move all my files and software from my old hard drive to the new one. The good news is that he got every last file and expensive software onto the new hard drive and I was able to get back to work like normal.

I should mention that I was not as concerned about having access to my manuscript as I was about having my laptop in working condition again because I use Google Drive to automatically sync my files. So as soon as my laptop went dark I was able to switch to the closest desktop computer, log in to my Google account, and open the same document and continue working. This is part of the reason I am such an avid fan of Google.

But as a computer owner who has had more than one laptop end up the technological graveyard, I thought for sure my laptop was gone for good and I was doomed to replace it with a new $1,000+ laptop that was not yet in my budget.

The $200 annual investment in Geek Squad’s service to keep my laptop and two other computers operational was well worth it for me, and if you have ever found yourself fussing at your computer then you may want to look into Geek Squad’s service too.

If you do, please let me know what you think of their services.


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Danielle Fetherson

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