The First Step Every Author Should Take

If you are stopping to read this, chances are that you have thought about writing a book more than once. It takes time for the idea of writing a book to become a definitive decision, but once it does you’ll need to work on this first step quickly to avoid having your daily routing, your family’s schedule, and your career’s demands get in the way of you reaching your goal.

The first step every author should take is to schedule regular times to work on your book.

You can record them as “book appointment” in your calendar.

Until recently, I usually reserved this tip for authors who have completed their planning stage for their book and they are ready to jump into writing. After seeing dozens of authors get derailed from their publishing goals well before their rough draft is complete, I realize that time is the common obstacle for these determined authors who are still in the planning stage of the PLAN, WRITE, PUBLISH, and SELL cycle of the book publishing process.

Treat your book appointments like any other important appointment you would have for your job or with your family doctor: let everyone around you know that you won’t be available during that time and if you cannot keep the appointment for any reason, reschedule immediately.

During your first several appointments you may be focused on learning more about the publishing process and the resources available to you. So combing through resources like your free Author Information Kit may be on your agenda during your first several appointments while you plan your book.

After you complete the planning stage, you’ll use the appointments to flow through your writing, publishing and selling stages.

Your appointments may be 3 hours once a week, 90 minutes twice a week, or as short as 45 minutes once a week if your schedule is extremely limited right now. Your appointment(s) for this week may not be on the same day as it is for next week. That doesn’t matter. What matters most is that you choose a consistent place to meet and focus on your book where you can focus on your goal.

Final Thought

This first step is a small one, but it can make the difference between living as an aspiring author or becoming a published authors.

Danielle Fetherson

Danielle helps aspiring authors become published authors. She believes that everyone has at least one book on the inside of them that can make a positive impact on someone else's life. If you have been thinking about writing a book, learn how to start your book today with the free resources at