Produce Your Book Without A Publishing Company

If you take pride in guided DIY adventures, know someone who is willing to learn new skills to help you spend more money on promoting your book than on producing your book or you simply want to save money, then DIY Self-Publishing may be the perfect publishing strategy for you.

No one wants to have a book that looks like it was produced by a first-timer, so use the tips in this post to help you self-publish a book you will be proud to share.

Design Your Book Interior

You’ll want to design your book interior first so that you get an exact page count before moving on to design the book cover. Book cover designs include the front cover, spine and the back cover, and your designer will not know how big the spine design of your book should be until your interior is complete.

Whether you prefer to use a DIY template from an experienced book designer or interview and then hire a designer of your own, managing the production of your own book allows you maximum control over the design while keeping costs low.

Use these posts to guide you through designing your book interior:

  • How Will Readers Use Your Book?-Would your readers love to see a long list of raving reviews on the inside cover of your book so they know up-front what people have to say about your book? How about a resource section? Would an index help readers find the detailed info. they need when they need it? Let this post help you design a book that will make readers pick up your book instead of someone else’s.
  • Top Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Book Interior-Learn what not to do when you design your own book cover or hire a cover designer and learn where to find the best templates and designers for your book.
  • Design Your Book Interior Like a Pro with “Book Design Templates”-Let this post walk you through the  process of using  DIY “Book Design Templates” by award-winning designer Joel Friedlander.

Design Your Book Cover

After your book title, your book cover is one of the best marketing tools you have to help readers decide whether your book is right for them. We often discourage people from judging a book by its cover, but the truth is that most of us do it anyway. Help your readers get an idea of how great your story is on the pages of the book by designing a cover that gives them a clue about what is inside while inviting them to pick up the book.

Use these posts guide you through designing your book cover:

  • How to Design a Great Book Cover-These eight simple steps will walk you through the process of designing a great book cover either DIY-style or in a partnership with a designer.
  • Your Upcoming Book: Tips for Your Book Cover-When your front book cover helps capture the attention of your potential readers, the back cover is the next thing readers look at to help them decide whether they want to buy and read the book. This post will help you persuade readers that your book is definitely the one they want to read.
  • Is Your Book Designed with Professional Distribution in Mind?-Distributors and booksellers have a reputation to maintain, so they have specific criteria for the books they sell to their buyers. Use this post to help you make sure that your book design meets those criteria.

Get the Checklist

When you claim your free Author Info Kit, you’ll get a copy of the Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist. Your downloadable list will tell you what order to follow when completing each step and what you should do next.

Final Thoughts

Modern technology makes it easy to design a great book on your own and to connect with amazing designers. Use the links above to help you confidently design your entire book on your own or find great designers who can give you the same quality designs as self-publishing companies for a better price and without needing to pay your design partners a portion of your book sales.

Danielle Fetherson

Danielle helps aspiring authors become published authors. She believes that everyone has at least one book on the inside of them that can make a positive impact on someone else's life. If you have been thinking about writing a book, learn how to start your book today with the free resources at