What to Expect While Working With a Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is simply a writer who does not receive the recognition or rights of authorship for their work. They are often hired by busy content experts or celebrities who would benefit by partnering with an experienced writer to produce a book, article, blog or other written content.

Every ghostwriter has their own style, but when you work with a ghostwriter you can expect to go through the following series of steps:

  1. spend time talking about your project to see if you two are a good fit,
  2. if you two decide to work together you’ll spend time planning your project,
  3. you’ll likely sign an agreement that outlines expectations of you as an author and expectations of the ghostwriter,
  4. the two of you will probably conduct hours of interviews to get the content for your project and you will send any notes, recordings or other information you want to have included,
  5. your ghostwriter will write,
  6. you will give feedback,
  7. the work will be edited, and then
  8. you will have a finished project that should sound like something you wrote on your own.

The amount of time spent on this entire process depends on how the length of your project and how well you and your ghostwriter communicate. For example, a short book with only 80 pages may be complete in a few months if your schedule allows you to read your ghostwriter’s drafts quickly after receiving them, but it can take as long as 9-12 months if you are always on travel and you don’t have time to read. As part of your agreement, you will likely discuss a tentative timeline for your project, but unexpected adventures often delay longer book projects. Your agreement with your ghostwriter should also address any fees, payment arrangements, how often you will receive project updates, and explain what happens when changes are necessary.

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