Get Your Self-Published Book in Barnes & Noble

If you think your target audience is likely to regularly visit and buy books from Barnes & Noble, then you probably won’t mind doing the extra work needed to get your self-published book there. Although Amazon’s expanded distribution option says it can get your book onto the Barnes & Noble website-which is Barnes & Noble’s largest store-you’ll have to do your own work to get your book into the physical book stores. Each bookstore tries to represent the interests of its local community, so it may be easier to get your book into local stores than into the nationwide network, but it is still worth a shot if you believe your target audience tends to shop there and would be eager to buy your work after they discover it on the shelves of the nation’s largest physical bookstore chain.

Given the specific design and production requirements Barnes & Noble has for the books they sell, it would be wise to become familiar with their requirements before you invest time and money into designing and producing your book. Learn about the latest submission requirements here:


Danielle Fetherson

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