Invite Barnes and Noble to Host Your Book Event

This famous bookstore hosts over 28,000 author events each year, and yours could be one of them. If your local Barnes & Noble is in a community where  your ideal readers live or like to shop, then partnering with this bookseller maybe a smart move for you. Stores love it when authors take advantage of local media, large mailing list, in other promotion mediums to tell as many people as possible about events in their stores, so if you’re willing to pound the pavement and drive traffic to your event in the store you have a better chance of getting your local store to host your event.

The Barnes & Noble website recommends that you contact the community business development manager or the store manager of your local Barnes & Noble store to learn more about hosting an event. You can find all the local stores in your area through this link.

BONUS TIP: Consider planning your event so that it connects to a major holiday or event because this makes it easier to promote by piggybacking off of something that is already getting public recognition.

Danielle Fetherson

Danielle helps aspiring authors become published authors. She believes that everyone has at least one book on the inside of them that can make a positive impact on someone else's life. If you have been thinking about writing a book, learn how to start your book today with the free resources at