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Profile Pic-Tree BackgroundI help aspiring authors become published authors by ghostwriting their book for them or coaching them through the writing process and helping them publish it.

Most authors take years to write a book on their own, and many more years to publish with a traditional publishing company. In the first 3 years of my business, I’ve helped 8 authors publish 12 books. I ghostwrote 7 of the books, offered writing coaching for the other 5 books, and assisted in self-publishing all 12 books. All 8 of the authors have referred other authors to me and/or have returned to work with me on a second book.

The first book I ghostwrote was a protocol book for the Army Corps of Engineers. I was a college intern at the time and found the work much more interesting than the traditional clerical work often assigned to interns, so I was excited the next summer when a jazz education non-profit invited me to help edit, produce and self-publish an audiobook that introduced children to the magic of jazz music.

My next adventure with ghostwriting arrived around the time I was preparing to graduate with my MA in Communication Studies. My pastor self-published his first book for teens. I was so excited to see my mentor’s message in print, that after reading it I sent him a LONG email with tips on how to improve it for the next edition. That email led to an invitation to partner on his next three books as a ghostwriter and publishing assistant.

After the first book he and I partnered on earned him an award and helped inspire a seminary to award him an honorary doctorate based on his works and his writings, pastors, ministers, a public speaker, innovative problem solvers and people of impact began asking me to help them write their books. The demand for my services grew around the same time that my boyfriend became my fiance and thoughts of starting a family entered my mind, so it felt natural for me to leave my job as a college instructor to partner with authors full-time in my own own business that gives me the flexibility I’ll need to build a family.

My services stand apart from other editing, ghostwriting and publishing assistant companies because of my emphasis on:

  • introducing authors to the variety of publishing options beyond book publishing,
  • educating authors about the book publishing industry,
  • referring authors to publishing and promotion resources that match their goals, and
  • following up with authors after service completion to provide ongoing advice and collect their success tips to share with other authors.

This emphasis is born out of the  service theme: “To serve those who are bold enough to be the change they want to see in the world.”

The Topics That I Work Best With Include:

  1. Self Improvement (e.g. spiritual growth, career development and leadership development)
  2. Relationships (e.g. Communication in the family, marriage or workplace)
  3. Financial Literacy (e.g. budgeting, investing and asset creation)
  4. Non-Profit Development (e.g. non-profit management, community outreach and non-profit leadership)
  5. Social Justice (i.e. helping our society keep social and personal development a priority)


  • Book Blueprint: This service is all about preparing for success by helping you define your publishing goals and recommending the tools and strategies that will help you reach those goals. This 10-15 day service is only $350.
  • Ghostwriting: Comprehensive writing and editing services for authors with audio/video recordings they want to turn into books. This service is ideal for authors with recorded presentations or professionals who prefer to speak their message. This 4-12 month service starts at $3,500.

How to Begin Working With Me:

  1. Click Here to Book a FREE 60 min. Consultation. During the consultation we will discuss your goals for your publication, find out if I am a good fit for your needs, and I’ll recommend services, tools and strategies that will help you make progress towards your publishing goals (even if it means that you won’t be working with me).
  2. E-Sign the Service Agreement. If you decide to work with me, your Service Agreement will be emailed to you. It describes the services I am offering, provides a tentative timeline, shares the terms of agreement and my privacy policy, allows you to sign the agreement using your computer mouse, allows you to pay for your service and provides an upload form for you to submit any files to me that I’ll need to complete the service. It also provides instructions for mailing physical files. You will have the option to print out a copy for your records.
  3. Receive weekly updates until your project is complete. Each week you will receive an email that describes the progress on your project.


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