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Author Lounge PhotoThe first book I ghostwrote stressed. me. out.

I understood the power of the impact the author’s message could make on the readers, but I was unsure about how to put that message into words. The only thing I knew to do was to start each writing session with a prayer for guidance and to spend hours reading blogs and books about writing and publishing. When the finished manuscript became an award-winning book for the author and he started telling others about our writing collaboration, I used what I learned from the experience to create a framework to guide me through the process each time I worked on a new book so that I wouldn’t have to be frustrated again by the process.

This lounge is my way of helping you take the stress out of your writing and publishing process by sharing the framework that I use now to work on books so that it is fun and not stressful. 

There are three key parts to this lounge:

  1. Author Info KitAn overview of the writing and publishing process with key management tools,
  2. Resource GalleryA custom collection of practical tips and tools with a step-by-step focus, and
  3. Questions-Leave questions you may have along the way or even answer a question you see posted here.

As a former college instructor, I relish answering questions. So don’t hesitate to ask questions in the Comments section below or to contact me directly at

With all of that said, stay as long as you’d like here in the Author Lounge, and let’s create a book that will make an impact!


Author Info Kit

Access your Author Info Kit information through the links below. I put “The Quick Start Guide to Writing & Publishing Your Book” first because I know that some of you are ready to just jump in and get started, but I highly recommend starting by browsing the short “Book Publishing How-to Series” to boost your Book IQ and walk you through the writing and publishing process at your pace. 

Have fun!

The Quick Start Guide to Writing & Publishing Your Book


The Quick Start Guide to Writing & Publishing Your Book
Get a quick introduction to the writing and publishing process and learn which publishing option is best for you, the three things you need to be a successful author, and what you can do to get started.


Book Publishing How-to Series 2


Book Publishing How-to Series
Get answers to your most pressing writing and publishing questions through the step-by-step explanations in this e-series and its links to dozens of blog posts that present your different choices.


101 BEST Resources for Authors (2015)

Find the best resources for you when you need them with this list of 101 resources that are organized to help you find the right resources to help you reach the next milestone you are focusing on right now.



The Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist 
Always know your next step when you download this customizable step-by-step checklist.

 May and June 2015 Book Smart

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In the meantime you can look at these past issues to get caught up. (Note: Some of the older editions may have a different name, but it’s still great content!)

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Resource Gallery

Click on the publishing milestone you are working on below to enter the resource gallery of top recommended blog posts, tips, tools and templates that will get you closer to realizing your publishing goals.















Milestone #2: Write Your Book

Milestone #3: Polish Your Book








Milestone #7: Promote Your Published Book and Platform




If you have any questions along the way, you can get help by:

  1. Posting your question in the “Leave a Reply” section below,
  2. Emailing your question as a reply to one of the Book Smart e-zines or sending it directly to, or
  3. Requesting your FREE Consultation with Danielle to get 60 min. of one-on-one feedback by phone or in person.