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Milestone #2: Write Your Book

For a step-by-step explanation of how to reach this milestone, read the Write Your Book e-guide. Use the curated content below for a brief overview and quick access to valuable information and resources.

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Discover which book writing style works best for your personality.








Transform your stack of post-its and notes into a book outline with these three steps.






Take your book from good to great with these tips for what to include in your book and to organize it based on how your readers will use it.







Don’t let your computer software come between you and your finished book.






 Tips (Excerpt from 101 Tips for First-Time Authors)

  • Tip #27: WRITE Your Book-Decide which specific problem your book will solve. This will help you keep your writing focused.
  • Tip #28: WRITE Your Book-Brainstorm and research the different ways people with that specific problem handle it now.
  • Tip #29: WRITE Your Book-Visit Amazon and find 2-3 titles similar to the book you want to write. Preview each book and read the reviews. Then list each title and how yours will be different.


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