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Milestone #6: Distribute Your Book

For a step-by-step explanation of how to reach this milestone, read the Publish Your Book e-guide. Use the curated content below for a brief overview and quick access to valuable information and resources.

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Discover which distribution partners specialize in helping publishers like you connect with the readers who want your book(s).








Learn how to self-publish your book in any format that traditional publishers can.









Bookstores won’t want to carry your book until they know about it, so learn how to make them crave your book.






Learn which steps to take to make sure avid readers can learn about you through their local library.






 Tips (Excerpt from 101 Tips for First-Time Authors)

  • Tip #54: PUBLISH Your Book-If you are self-publishing, research the book criteria for the POD or distributor you want to use to sell your books. For example, if you want your distributor to make your book available to libraries, there is a specific code that must be printed on your copyright page.
  • Tip #67: PUBLISH Your Book-The top three POD companies for DIY self-publishers are CreateSpace, Ingram Spark and Lightning Source. Blurb is an honorable mention, and Lulu is the original POD
  • Tip #68: PUBLISH Your Book-Six non-bookstore markets to consider while choosing distribution options are: 1) book clubs, catalogs and newsletters, 2) libraries, 3) academic institutions, 4) non-profit and corporate buyers, 5) niche market partners and 6) niche market direct sales.

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