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Course Outline

Lesson #1: Define Your Book’s Message

If you cannot clearly define the message-or the goal-for your book, then you will not be able to write a book that is easy to understand. This lesson helps you avoid a chaotic writing process by challenging you to put first things first and articulating your bottom-line message.

Lesson #2: Describe Your Message’s Target Audience

It would be absolutely amazing if you could get absolutely everyone to read your book. But the reality is that the ones who are most likely to read it are those who have the most to gain from your message, so your challenge is to make sure you understand who those people are.

Lesson #3: Define the Problem Your Book Solves for Your Target Audience

Lesson #2 challenged you to learn who your target audience is, and lesson #3 builds on that by challenging you to define the specific problem you are solving for them.  Your ability to clearly define the problem you solve is a critical part to building an effective marketing campaign for your book later on.

Lesson #4: Describe How You and Your Book Provide a Unique Solution to That Problem

There are millions of published books, and there is a very good chance that at least one hundred of them try to solve the same problem that you focus on in your book. So now it is time to look at your competitors and find a way to make your book stand out by creating an unfair advantage over the other published books.

Lesson #5: Define Your Goals for Your Message

By now you know what you want to say, who you want to say it to, and how your message is unique from similar messages, but you still need to give your message a destination. This lesson introduces a few common goals for messengers and recommends some of the best ways to help you reach your goals.

Lesson #6: Describe How You Want Your Publication to Be Used

A reference book has different developmental requirements than a workbook, journal, or how-to instructional book. Before you make any decisions about how you want your book to be organized, it helps to understand how you want readers to be able to use your book.

Lesson #7: Organize Your Ideas into a Book Outline

Chances are that you have been working on your book for a while and that you have notes written on everything from Microsoft Word documents to that back of napkins. This step is all about helping you collect all of your disorganized notes and organizing them into a book outline that can guide your writing process.

Lesson #8: Outline Your Book Marketing Strategy

If you outline your book marketing strategy now, it will be easier for your publishing success team to start working on your book marketing while you are still focused on the words. Even if you end up doing your own book marketing later, after investing countless hours into making decisions about what to include in your book, you will be grateful for a marketing outline to start from-trust me on that one.

Lesson #9: Write Your First Draft

Now it is time to get it all on paper. Every writer has their own style and this lesson will help you choose the best writing style for you…some of the options don’t even need you to write a single word!

BONUS Lesson #1: Tips on How to FINISH Your Book

Starting your book is hard, but for some people finishing it is even harder. Use these tips to help you see your book through to the last word.

BONUS Lesson #2: Learn the Publishing Process

What you don’t know can cost you a lot of time and money. Learn the ins and outs of the publishing process and where to go when you need help.

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