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I’m Danielle Fetherson, and I help aspiring authors who don’t have the time to write become authors by ghostwriting their book for them and helping them publish it.

Since volunteering to ghostwrite my first book three years ago while I was a college Public Speaking Instructor, I have ghostwritten six titles, served as a developmental editor for five other titles, and have offered publishing assistance on all twelve books.

If your book shares a story or a solution that can improve the lives of others, I’d love to learn more about your project.

When I partner with an author like you to write a book, I do much more than simply help write the book. I also:

  • introduce my authors to the variety of publishing options beyond book publishing,
  • educate my authors about the book publishing industry,
  • refer authors to publishing and promotion resources that match their goals, and
  • follow up with my authors after service completion to provide ongoing advice and collect their success tips to share with other authors.

This emphasis is born out of the WDGS service theme: “To serve those who are oppressed, depressed, pushed aside and forgotten by helping the people who have their answer publish and widely promote their solutions.”

The Topics That I Work Best With Include:

  1. Self Improvement (e.g. spiritual growth, career development and leadership development)
  2. Relationships (e.g. Communication in the family, marriage or workplace)
  3. Financial Literacy (e.g. budgeting, investing and asset creation)
  4. Non-Profit Development (e.g. non-profit management, community outreach and non-profit leadership)
  5. Social Justice (i.e. helping our society keep social and personal development a priority)


Book Blueprint

Are you:

  • unsure about how to start writing your non-fiction book?
  • in the middle of a non-fiction book that you don’t know how to finish?
  • wondering whether the manuscript you have written is strong enough to publish?

Then this service is for you.

I like to describe the publishing process as having four stages: PLAN your book, WRITE your book, PUBLISH your book, and SELL your book.

The Book Blueprint completes the PLAN your book stage for you by giving you the outlines, timelines, action plan and detailed budget you need to WRITE, PUBLISH and SELL your book. The result is a practical guide to writing, publishing and selling your book.

As a bonus, we will schedule two follow-up sessions within 90 days of the Book Blueprint completion so I can help you smooth out any challenges you face while putting the Book Blueprint into action.

If you prefer to hire me as your ghostwriter so I can execute the Book Blueprint for you, I will do that as well.

Price: $350 base price

Click here to learn more about the Book Blueprint service and its special pricing details

Ghostwriting Service







Do you:

  • have an audio or video recording of the information you want to include in your book?
  • prefer to tell your message to a professional who can write the information in your book?
  • prefer to have a writing professional handle the editing and rewriting of your book?

Then this service is for you.

This full-service editing and rewriting package includes:

  • Execution of the writing plan as defined by the Book Blueprint service,
  • Three rounds of editing and rewriting following your Developmental Blueprint recommendations to produce a polished book manuscript entirely based on your message,
  • Up to three hours of interviews and transcription as needed to complete the manuscript, and
  • Recommendations and referrals for publishing and book promotion resources,
  • and more.

Price: $3,500 base price plus $.175/word over 20,000 words

Click here to learn more about the Ghostwriting Service and the optional Self-Publishing Prep Add-On

 How to Begin Working With Me:

  1. Click Here to Book a FREE 60 min. Consultation. During the consultation we will discuss your goals for your publication, find out if I am a good fit for your needs, and I’ll recommend services, tools and strategies that will help you make progress towards your publishing goals (even if it means that you won’t be working with me).
  2. E-Sign the Service Agreement. If you decide to work with me, your Service Agreement will be emailed to you. It describes the services I am offering, provides a tentative timeline, shares the terms of agreement and my privacy policy, allows you to sign the agreement using your computer mouse, allows you to pay for your service and provides an upload form for you to submit any files to me that I’ll need to complete the service. It also provides instructions for mailing physical files. You will have the option to print out a copy for your records.
  3. Receive weekly updates until your project is complete. Each week you will receive an email that describes the progress on your project.

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