Ghostwriting Sample #2

Primary Category: Inspiration/Self-Help
Secondary Category: Memoir

The following excerpt is from Here I Am! Chef Kimberly’s Answer to the Question ‘Where Are The Female and Minority Chefs?’ by Chef Kimberly Brock Brown

“It took me a while to adapt because I was not used to dealing with people who didn’t have your best interest at heart. There were times when another Chef or manager would tell you to do something that they knew was wrong just so that they could set you up and make you look stupid. There were too many days when the kitchen “leadership” would butt heads and holler at each other and then go about their business. And then there were the behind the back maneuvers you had to look out for. Be on the look-out for the assistant food and beverage director who really has a culinary degree and things that she can do your job. When you were not around she would talk about how you plated your food incorrectly because that is not how she was taught to do it at her school and she is the authority on things like that. She would say anything to make her seem superior to you.

I am gratefully not aware of any particular instances with anyone trying to set me up, but in an environment like that you have to watch what’s going on because you know that people are watching you and waiting to take advantage of you. There was one time when I scaled up a recipe because my cook needed a larger quantity than was originally recorded in the recipe, and I made a mistake in the math. So when she made it and it came out incorrectly, she went hysterical. It didn’t matter that I showed her how to fix the recipe, it was only cookie dough, but her face was red, she was embarrassed, and the situation was blown way out of proportion. Mistakes happen, but how you deal with them is the deal maker or breaker. ”

(c) Kimberly Brock Brown. All rights reserved.

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