Skip Literary Agent Fees and Partner with an Indie Publishing House

When you submit your carefully edited and polished book manuscript to an independent-or indie-publishing house that has a history of publishing manuscripts like yours, you have a chance of partnering with a small traditional publisher without needing a literary agent as the go-between.

Should You Partner with an Indie Publisher?

Having a literary agent definitely has its perks when it comes to negotiating and managing an ongoing relationship with a publishing house because the agent knows much more than you do about the publishing world.

But if you want to support an independent publishing house or you have had a tough time finding an agent who shares your passion for your message, partnering with an indie publishing house may be the right option for you.

What’s the Difference Between an Indie Publisher and Self-Publishing Options?

An indie publishing house will not charge you anything for your publication. It’s common for traditionally published authors to hire their own publicist or book marketer to help generate more sales, but you should not pay anything to an independent publishing house.

Any publishing company that asks you to pay for something is a self-publishing company. There are companies that will “subsidize” your publishing cost and only charge you a percentage of the publishing cost, but they are self-publishing companies.

There is nothing wrong with partnering with a self-publishing company, but if your goal is to work with a publishing house so that they can manage the book production, distribution and associated costs, then you should be clear about this distinction: publishing houses-either large or small-do not charge authors to publish.

Where Can I Find an Indie Publishing House?

Book publishing and marketing guru John Kremer maintains a hall of fame for independent book publishers with impressive sales records.

Click here to see the most recent list. 

Final Thought

Even indie publishing houses have standards, so don’t think that you can submit an incomplete or unpolished manuscript on them and strong-arm them into publishing it for you.

They are literary investors who know what they want. You are an author who knows what you want. Your mission is to find a publisher who wants the same thing that you want.

Have fun!

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