Why Not Use Interviews to Write Your Book?

Why not interview 20 or more experts in your field so you can learn more and write what you learn in a book?

Napoleon Hill used this approach with “Think and Grow Rich” and to say that these bestselling author has been successful is an understatement.

If your book is heavily based on your experiences, why not choose 10 or more people to interview you and turn each interview into a separate chapter?

This can be a creative way to pull the information out of you and create an interesting experience for your readers.

Either of these options can help you take the stress out of writing.

Danielle Fetherson

Danielle helps aspiring authors become published authors. She believes that everyone has at least one book on the inside of them that can make a positive impact on someone else's life. If you have been thinking about writing a book, learn how to start your book today with the free resources at DanielleFetherson.com.