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Milestone #4: Prepare the Platform

For a step-by-step explanation of how to reach this milestone, read the Publish Your Book e-guide. Use the curated content below for a brief overview and quick access to valuable information and resources.

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Jumpstart your book’s success by building your platform now.








Maximize your book’s impact with these step-by-step website tips.








Prepare to share your new book with the world through these five branding essentials.







Get ready to start talking with people about your book with these tips.






 Tips (Excerpt from 101 Tips for First-Time Authors)

  • Tip #52: PUBLISH Your Book-Before you publish your book, design a book launch that generates excitement with your family, friends, and target audience.
  • Tip #53: PUBLISH Your Book-Write an elevator pitch that you can use to describe your book in a way that makes listeners curious enough to learn more and buy it.
  • Tip #64: PUBLISH Your Book-Update all your branding essentials to include information about your book. Your branding essentials include your email address, email signature, business cards, websites/blog, and social media profiles.

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