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Milestone #5: Produce Your Book

For a step-by-step explanation of how to reach this milestone, read the Publish Your Book e-guide. Use the curated content below for a brief overview and quick access to valuable information and resources.

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Increase your chances of getting a traditional publisher when you follow these steps.








If you don’t mind doing the work of a literary agent on your own, you can find a small indie publisher who specializes in books like yours.








If you want to self-publish but prefer to hire a company to manage the logistics for you, then you want to read this.







If you are the ultimate DIY author who just needs information to reach your goal, this post is for you.






 Tips (Excerpt from 101 Tips for First-Time Authors)

  • Tip #51: PUBLISH Your Book-You and I both know that your book is great, but readers will be much more convinced after reading a list of raving endorsements on the back cover or on one of the first pages in the book.
  • Tip #55: PUBLISH Your Book-Study the cover designs of your competitors before finalizing your design.
  • Tip #56: PUBLISH Your Book-If you want to sell your book to a traditional publishing company, you will need to get a literary agent first.

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